About us

Key people

Founder and CEO

Branimir Horvat is one of the leading Croatian experts in the field of sport management. After an active tennis career, he founded the company Top Spin – the first sports agency in Croatia. He fuelled his sport experience into business; he knew exactly what the athletes, the public, media and sponsors expected from a sporting event. He gathered a team of experts and introduced new standards in the organisation of sporting events.

He graduated from the Zagreb Faculty of Economics and Business and is about to graduate from the Faculty of Kinesiology. His sporting career includes being a member of the Davis Cup team, a coach, and a Fed Cup selector. He is currently the ATP and ITF Tournament Director and a member of the Managing Board of the Croatian Tennis Association. Branimir has taken part in many projects that have enhanced the sporting and economic market in Croatia. His opinion is always ardently sought and highly valued.

tel. 01 369 3690
email: office@topspin.hr

Marketing & Consulting Director

Vesna is one of the key people in Top Spin. She is in charge of the field of marketing and consulting. Her master's degree obtained from the Zagreb Faculty of Economics and Business relates to marketing concepts for international sporting events. At the start of her career she worked in a foreign branch office, and then at Zagreb Airport as a Promotion Manager for eight years. When she joined Top Spin, she systematized business processes, controls and analyses. Her specialisation in event organisation includes strategic planning, sponsorships, hospitality, protocol, visibility and advertising, analysis and control. She is the editor in chief of official publications for sporting events. She is also the author of a number of specialised articles in the field of economics, marketing and sports.

tel. 01 369 3690
email: vesna.horvat@topspin.hr

Project Manager

Mirna studied physics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. She acquired her first organisational experience at tennis tournaments working as the accreditation and protocol manager. Previously she was involved in all segments related to the organisation of sporting events, including being the sole manager of the Istarska Rivijera tennis tournament. Mirna works in the capacity of a supervisor and coordinator of all sporting event services. She is specialized in the organisation of competition systems, accreditation systems, hospitality, protocol, and client services.

tel. 01 369 3690
email: mirna.grozdanic@topspin.hr

Sports and Technical Division Manager

Renato was an active member of the national rowing team for several years and a recipient of the City of Zagreb scholarship in the Top Athlete category. He graduated from the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb, and is an active member of a number of sports associations. Over the course of his work in sports, Renato has become a specialist in fitness preparation of top athletes. He is the author of a large number of successful individual fitness programmes. At sporting events, he is in charge of coordinating technical affairs, transportation services and security systems.

tel. 01 369 3690
email: office@topspin.hr

Office Manager

Vesna is a highly skilled office manager. Before joining the agency, she worked in the financial department of an international rental company. Her responsible attitude towards work and a positive approach have contributed greatly to the excellent atmosphere in the agency.

tel. 01 369 3690
email: vesna.conkas@topspin.hr

Golf & Tennis Operations

After graduating from the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb, Robert continued his career in Germany. He was an active tennis player, and as a first rate coach he successfully assisted in the transfer of junior tennis players into professional ranks. For more than 19 years he managed sports centres and went through all the management stages in both amateur and professional sports. Robert is a golf coach with a USGIFT international licence (the American Golf Coaches Association) and plays in golf tournaments. He currently manages a sports centre in Poreč and actively participates in the preparation of athletes for professional careers.

tel. 01 369 3690
email: robert.crnkovic@topspin.hr

Athletes Management

Vujo, as he is called by many, graduated from three faculties in Zagreb: Philosophy, Political Sciences and Kinesiology. He obtained his PhD from the University of Zagreb - Faculty of Kinesiology, and is the recipient of two Rector's Awards. During his impressive sporting career, he won medals as a national rowing team member. He was also the winner of the Henley Royal Regatta in England. Opportunities took him to New York, where he worked as a sports programme director at the Winston Preparatory School and a rowing coach of the Fordham University- Columbia University sports team. He is the author of numerous articles and of the column Philosophy of Sport in the journal of the Croatian Olympic Committee.

tel. 01 369 3690
email: drago.vujevic@topspin.hr